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      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-1
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-2
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-3
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-4
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-5
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-6
      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad-event-7

      cmsMinds at Wordcamp 2023 – Ahmedabad

      DEC, 2023

      We wait for wordcamp round the year and when it came to us, we grabbed the opportunity with open hands and hearts. On December 9, 2023, our team at cmsMinds with all enthusiasm entered the wordcamp Ahmedabad gates just to realize the grandeur experience. We volunteered, met, engaged, laughed and discussed ideas with fellow WordPress...

      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-1
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-2
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-3
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-4
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-5
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-6
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-7
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-8
      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023-event-9

      WordCamp Asia, Feb 2023

      FEB, 2023

      This was the beginning of first WordCamp event in Asia, it still had over 1500 attendees, and the cmsMinds we were thrilled to be part of it. The experience was truly enriching as we got to meet enthusiastic members of the community and learn about various cultures and their perspectives on empowering the WordPress community....

      Wordcamp Udaipur-event-1
      Wordcamp Udaipur-event-2
      Wordcamp Udaipur-event-3
      Wordcamp Udaipur-event-4
      Wordcamp Udaipur-event-5

      Wordcamp Udaipur

      NOV, 2019

      An amazing event attended by cmsMinds Team was the GRAND WordCamp 2019, Udaipur. Vishal performed as a speaker on the topic “WCAG” and it was a great experience. The venue was well managed and enthusiastic. The best thing was that the WordCamp event had soul and message of its own. The WordCamp team comprises of...

      Client visit-event-1
      Client visit-event-2
      Client visit-event-3
      Client visit-event-4

      Client visit

      AUG, 2019

      Today one of ‘our European clients’ visited our office, met the team members and discussed strategic partnership for future web dev projects! His appreciation, gratitude towards the team was so humbling! Positive discussion leads to team enthusiasm! Enjoyed his presence with his partner! Looking forward to working with them on more challenging and fun projects.

      Company Picnic 2021-event-1
      Company Picnic 2021-event-2
      Company Picnic 2021-event-3

      Company Picnic 2021

      DEC, 2021

      cmsMinds had planned a surprise trip for the end of a successful working year in 2021. The entire squad took a 350-kilometer bus trip from Ahmedabad to Kumbhalgarh. We had fun doing things like Fort Visit, Jungle Saffari, campfire, and speed boating. We all played Antakshari, sang individually, and had a great time as a...

      Office Picnic-event-1
      Office Picnic-event-2
      Office Picnic-event-3

      Office Picnic

      NOV, 2019

      It’s was an awesome trip provided by the cmsMinds. Spend time together with colleagues in different ways. It’s all about fun and entertainment, We took some challenges and take some physical hard tasks like Archery, Bull Ride, Flying Fox, Dashing cars, Dirt Bike, Watershoot ride, Wonder wheels, Swing Chair, Adventure shooting, and enjoy waterpark experience....

      Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration-event-1

      Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

      SEP, 2018

      Ganesha Chaturthi (also known as Vināyaka Chaturthi, Gaṇēśa Chaturthī or Vināyaka Chaviti) is a very auspicious day celebrated to pray to the god so that every new activity that is started is successfully completed without any obstacles.He is the God of knowledge. The festival is celebrated by families at home, by people at their places...

      Independence Day Celebration-event-1

      Independence Day Celebration

      AUG, 2018

      Independence Day Celebration In Office 2019 – We have all given the Quiz for Independence Day sometime or other in life but it is always good to brainstorm sometime and bring a change in the monotony. The Game Ideas for Indian Independence Day Celebration in Office should be so up to the mark that they...