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      Rajesh Laddha


      A successful entrepreneur for the last 15 years; helping people; learning; simplicity; believe in karma –These are the words that describes me. I have built two brands in this short period of time: cmsMinds and River Delta. I believe in quality not quantity and my employees are my family. When not in office, you can see me at one of the entrepreneurship or networking events in RTP to learn, to meet and to share. On weekends you may catch me playing or coaching baseball or basketball with kids.

      Sunil Kabra

      System Engineer

      I'm Sunil Kabra, proudly serving as a System Engineer at cmsMinds for a remarkable decade. Throughout these 10 years, I've been passionate about harnessing the power of systems to drive our company forward. Each day brings a new challenge, and it's a privilege to be part of the cmsMinds family, where innovation meets dedication. Let's engineer the future together!

      Vishal Sharma

      Sr. WordPress Developer

      Proficient and creative WordPress developer with a strong skill in website management and development. Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. Dedicated to superior client support at all levels from the first meeting to the website maintenance after launch. I am always eager to help my team and clients any day. In my free time, I love to play outdoor games and sing.

      Bharat Gohel

      Team Lead

      I am basically from Quality assurance, but also from last 4 years managing projects with the development team, Working with all sizes and different types of projects. We served quality projects to clients and clients are always happy with our work. I always do QA personally for my team projects. When I'm not at my desk, you may find me Traveling, Running, Playing cricket, reading books, and collecting antique coins.

      Vipul Mori

      Revenue Growth Manager

      Hi there, I'm Vips Mori from cmsMinds, and I'm a passionate Discoverer with a decade of experience. My mission is to bring a smile to your face by delivering perfect solutions for all your digital needs. My secret to happy clients lies in my people skills and a relentless curiosity, always hungry to learn. Let's embark on this journey together and create something amazing!
      When I'm not at my desk, you'll find me spending quality time with my son and hitting the gym to stay active. On Saturdays and Sundays, I indulge in a friendly game of cricket with my office colleagues. Apart from that, I have a keen interest in bikes and cars and often enjoy servicing and repairing them myself.

      Jayesh Makwana

      Drupal Team Lead

      My name is Jayesh Makwana with few years of experience in Life, and spent continous 7 years with Drupal & its customization work since the day I started my professional journey with current company cmsMinds. Yes, my company and myself, both are loyal and committed :), which helped me grow as Drupal team Lead here.
      When I am done with my assigned work of the day, I love listening music, spending time with friends, watching Cricket & enjoying Flash mob dance. I am almost a homebody, but I do not leave any chance to attend Drupal Meetups; in fact I am a regular attendee of Drupal camp India, to avail the opportunities of learning from Drupal community & exploring various edges and corners of Drupal Aspects.

      Kuldeep Jain

      Sr. PHP developer

      A results-driven Web Developer with 7 years of experience in software engineering and web development, The web is my passion because it’s where I can find the most exciting things coding - where i can play with code and develop some innovative feature. A PHP Developer is a professional who develops applications, websites, and programs using PHP. While they are also more generically called Software Developers or Web Developers, PHP Developers, in the true sense, are a specialized subset of the "Developer" position, depending on their job description.
      PHP is ubiquitous in website development, and PHP Developers usually work behind the scenes or create UIs. Challenges are part of life and i love to take Challenges.

      Yax Shah

      Growth Hacker

      Hello there, I'm Yax Shah, As a tech enthusiast, I'm always eager to delve into the latest trends in the tech world. My true joy comes from connecting with people and helping them embark on their digital journeys, I will bring the latest tech to your table, your Discoverer !!
      Fun Fact: I actually wanted to be Developer, thanks to destiny, here I am !!
      On weekends, you'll find me exploring new places nearby with my friends, indulging in my love for food. Cricket holds a special place in my heart, and I actively play as a part of the G.O.A.T cricket team (check us out here: https://cricheroes.in/team-profile/4514663/G.O.A.T).

      Ujjawal Laddha

      Growth Hacker

      Hey, this is Ujjawal Laddha a discoverer by heart and an avid learner by head. You will likely meet me during your initial interactions with CMS Minds. I love to learn about businesses and how I can help them achieve their digital goals.
      When I’m not at my desk, you may find me travelling, engaging in sports, or hanging out with friends and family. I also enjoy Binge Watching and reading books.

      Ankit Malli

      UI/UX & Web Design Team Lead

      As a Team Lead UI/UX and Web Designer, I bring creativity and expertise to the forefront of digital projects. I am highly self-motivated with a well-rounded, significant, and solid level of experience in designing and front-end development. I see art everywhere. With a user-centric approach, I lead teams in designing visually captivating and intuitive interfaces that engage and delight users. My proficiency in wireframing, prototyping, and collaborating with cross-functional teams ensures seamless user experiences. I strive to create designs that not only meet business objectives but also leave a lasting impression on users, contributing to the success of each project.
      When I am not designing, you'll often find me traveling to new destinations, or simply enjoying quality time with my family and friends. Balancing these passions enriches my life and fuels my creativity, ensuring I bring fresh perspectives and experiences to my design work.

      Hemant Kothari

      Team Lead

      Experienced & innovative WordPress developer with a proven track record in Product Development and Website Management, encompassing the entire lifecycle from conceptualization to delivery. Committed to upholding Coding Standards, prioritizing Secure Coding Practices, and achieving Optimized Codebase. Skilled in creating flawless and Error-free Products(plugins & themes). Beyond my professional pursuits, I maintain a strong dedication to fitness. As I actively participate in cricket and maintain a consistent presence at the gym.

      Hitesh Dhokai

      Sr. WordPress Developer

      A seasoned web developer with a decade of experience in designing, building, and maintaining websites and web applications on the WordPress platform. Beyond being a coding wizard, i am also a passionate outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in playing cricket. With a strong foundation in web development and a love for the game, Brings a winning combination of technical expertise and team spirit to every project.

      Mohit Vachhani

      PHP Developer

      Mohit here, I am development geek, I like challenges and use logic to solve coding problems, in fact I have been doing this for over 6 years.
      I've extensively worked on enterprise-level PHP projects using frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, and others. Among these, I prefer Laravel, which currently stands out as the leading PHP framework.
      My Secret sauce: Nowadays web development languages are very fast as compared to the past decade. Now different Javascript front-end libraries can be used with PHP frameworks which boost the speed of the web page.
      A web developer must have to be mentally fit and able to solve puzzles or solve complex problems and for that, I like to play sudoku. Also, I am foody and love to travel.

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